Ask Neale

Not sure about your “Rights at Work”? Ask our resident guru Neale

  • Awards and conditions

    Find out about what awards are and how the set pay and conditions
  • Casual and part time work

    Casual or a part-time worker and not sure about what wages and conditions you're entitled to? Go here to find out.
  • Health and safety

    Wondering about how safe your employer must make your workplace? Go here to find the answers on occupational health and safety issues.
  • Leave entitlements

    Not sure about getting holidays or other types of leave like compassionate or bereavement leave that you may be entitled to? Then go here to get the full story on leave entitlements.
  • Superannuation

    Not sure about what superannuation benefits are avalable to you? Want to know how much your employer should be contributing to your super fund? Then go here for the answers on super.
  • Termination

    Not sure about how much pay you're entitled to when leaving a job? Then go here to find out about what your termination entitlements are.
  • Union rights

    Got a boss whose unfriendly towards unions? Then go here to discover the rights unions have by law to protect your conditions and represent you in the workplace.